Sunday, 9 October 2016

Books Soon to be Posted by Amazing Helpers :)

The books with reflections/encouragement for children through adults are very soon to be posted and I'm very thankful for all the kind help!

Have a great day and I'll share some photos that I took here, too.  Thanks again and smiles! :)

Sunday, 25 September 2016

If you only had a matter of months to live...

Can you imagine what you would do if your doctor expected you to die in a matter of months?

For me, I see that I most value my faith and family, and would want to spend time helping the great kids I'm raising and help other kids or those in need, too.

The small way that I can help is to perhaps share in book form the creations I've spent much of my life working on.  The photos I have taken of flowers and animals were the most popular of my videos, and the Facebook and Instagram business pages showed the health habits and values that can be combined with pictures to help give guidance for living a healthy, happy, and hopeful life.

There are also pictures that I hoped to share if I were ever to get married though it seems that all the proposals over the past decade were mostly in word and not in action, as I've been single for a long time.  But I had wedding gowns I had wanted to wear that kind souls photographed me in that will make a third book (one with flower pictures I took, one with animal pictures I took, and a third book with photos showing myself - just once as I otherwise am happy to focus on more important things - and so the story tells the important lessons I've learned along the way, too)!

I wish I could have paid off my home by now and I guess it would have been nice to have a publisher help with the books, but I will have the great kids I'm raising finish these projects with me now and hopefully they will be available online before the end of the year!  Thanks for your patience and wishing you health, happiness, and hope, too!

A few of the photos are enclosed and it is done with the hope that some day you might see the books that share how I've gone through challenges with a smile with a smile (and also captured thousands of beautiful butterfly, animal, dinosaur, and nature pictures).  Thanks for reading and have a great day! :)

P.S.  Special thanks to the photographers of these photos below who kindly gave time: Leo, Doug, Shawn, &  Kevin (and credit for the photos as they like will be given in the book - plus thanks to the other great photographers, too)!

Monday, 19 September 2016


A slight delay in the books because I haven't been writing this summer, but with what has already been written there is much to share to help inspire, encourage, and share hope!  The non-fiction books (with my photos), novels, and children's picture books (with my 3D art that was quickly put together to celebrate the stories with simplicity) are just getting reviewed by others!

Also, I'm very thankful for my faith and loving family and all the incredibly kind people who make such a positive difference.  Thanks for reading and thanks for your patience!  So much to give many thanks for and wishing you happiness, too!

Friday, 19 August 2016

Busy but Thankful :)

Busy offline and helping kids.   Also, super thankful for all the kindness!
The novels that were written before (X: Year One by Hero Royal, etc.) are going up on Amazon soon, but someone is doing this for me and so it will likely happen in or after September (though likely one book per month to spread them out)!  Enjoy!

Thanks for everything and have a great day!!!

Sunday, 24 July 2016

eBooks & Lots of Thanks to Helpers! :)

Super News!

I'm simplifying things.

The Super News is that I have decided to simply share the many books that are already written/illustrated online starting hopefully as early as the end of July and beyond)!  Waiting on anyone in the publishing world means that my books are enjoyed by nobody, but if I share them online starting perhaps as early as the end of the month then at least 1 child might enjoy them and maybe even be helped by it (or given some hope)!

There are 3 Amazing Guys who are helping with this and they are geniuses in computers/more - so soon the Hero Royal books will be available online as eBooks (using Creative Suite from Amazon and perhaps Kindle, etc.)!  Enjoy and thanks to everyone for such incredible kindness (as it is super appreciated) and have a great day! :)


Sunday, 10 July 2016

New 3D Art Update :)

Okay, I'm not posting this yet, but I am very happy with my new 3D art (I have actually not shared any 3D art online yet and I will keep this as a surprise until it is all done because it will be more fun to just share it for the first time in stories for kids)!

Though a kind soul spent a couple of hours going over 3D software with me at a library.  This was helpful and since then I've created from nothing dozens (33) 3D characters (of various species and all images can be rotated and looked/captured at at all different angles and views)!

My hands get cramped up but it is still better on them than doing things free hand with pencils, pens, and paints.  The quotes and videos are something that I will take a mini-break from as the final edits are done to the first novel, too (I'm just revision the third section of the first novel, but have all 10 plotted out and parts written/developed for the other books)!

Hoping to share things soon, even if it means giving away books for free somehow and trying to figure out the best way to share picture books and novels with kids to encourage the growth of smarts and hearts!

Smiles and have a good day!

P.S.  This is one of the videos done a while ago with fun artwork shared to music.  The videos are available from the Video or YouTube links from: :)

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Deleted Personal Facebook Account, Microsoft Email, and More :)

Wow!  What a busy time - we've tried to simplify things and as a result did the following:

1.  I deleted my personal Facebook page and Email with Microsoft as it was a personal account and we have an email with respect to our videos on YouTube via Gmail (plus Gmail offers things my relatives use for free like Google HangOuts for video calls and also long distance phone calls all over North America -- who else offers long distance phone calls like that for free except Google?

 Google even has ways to share documents/writing word documents in things they offer for free like Google Docs.  I have been around relatives when Hangouts is used and used the long distance phone feature).  Oddly, when deleting the Microsoft email it said that it would reopen if I logged in over the next sixty days and that then it would officially close (so it is kind of frustrating that it might accept emails after I closed it and not have them bounce back so people know I can't read them as I want the account to close in their sixty days).

Could you imagine if phone services did this and said they would officially close your phone services in sixty days?  Oh, well, I'll wait it out, and I will get help to replace the contact form page on the website after because that was set up to go to that email (and instead a resource page will go up there after).
2.  We also have thought about moving far away for years and will decide quickly if this is a good option (so maybe some day soon we'll have everything new from an address to a phone number and more)!  I guess it is all an adventure!

Though for Projects, we appreciate the kindness of others as follows:

1.  A kind senior engineer from Microsoft found me online and listened to the technology project ideas over six months ago and got some updates, too -- this helped solidify the plans that I've been working on for the past decade!  We did thank him as the high up Microsoft people don't respond to anyone (though it seems cool that there are responses people actually get or claim to get online from sending messages to Apple), and today we're ready to ask for help from Google (as they currently have the most popular search engine) and Facebook -- it might sound crazy, but it never hurts to ask and it could make a big difference to help lots of people!
2.  The kind nephew of the late Bob Marley also found me online and he originally said he would help co-author books.  Though he is super busy and seems to be an expert at filmmaking.  As a result, after sending him outlines and plans for the books, we kindly thanked him, too, and then simply said that youth would be doing helping with writing for the nonfiction books to make them more youth friendly - and I'm already done the novels and kids books anyway.  He is super kind, too, though and who knows if he might ever one day help with a documentary!
3.  We also realized that agents and publishers might have said kind things about the works and books, but nobody has ever really followed through with a long term commitment to them and to just share out of kindness we sent around 70 pages of the first book to JK Rowling because it is funny how our lives have been so similar to her own life and in some ways Harry Potter (the main character in our stories is a 10 year old boy who is also born on July 31st and grows up in 10 books - but he isn't magical - and this is also done because the books were inspired by a real young man who was born on July 31st and all the people who inspired characters - like the great kids I'm raising - have their original birthdays kept to keep track of things)!

We may soon just share things either via ebooks or for free online (as we typically donate everything and run things like a charity at our expense anyway)!  Ms Rowling seems very kind and we hope she enjoys the story (there were a couple of references indirectly to Harry Potter, but we have since removed them, but leaving them in the original first copy for her  was a special thanks to her for sharing stories to encourage reading and more, too.  We hope her American Editor gets the story to her!  I actually did meet him twice and shared a gave a picture book to him years ago, but he never said never responded to that or any submissions I sent before about picture books and so on, so I'm fine to let him focus on all the things he does... And I'll find a way to still share great stories!  We just hope the story is still kindly forwarded to Ms Rowling who might enjoy reading it for fun (though it has much purpose, too)!  Just think how she never got read and be surprised by her own stories though! :)

4.  I'm getting on track with better budgeting (haven't used/needed a mobile phone in years and haven't used/needed a car in years either - plus I'm no longer spending a crazy amount of thousands on charity, which is fine if someone doesn't have an enormous mortgage like me that has cost a crazy amount in well over a hundred thousand in interest payments alone without even making the mortgage go down much over the past 8 years)!  Though as my mortgage will likely come up for one more renewal over the next year, I'm keeping my options open to pick the best bank for us; currently, we have a TD Bank account and an RBC Bank account and I'm still not sure which is best.  If one would ever listen to a cool idea how banks could really make a difference that would be the swaying choice, of course!!! I guess I'm a dreamer!

So, those are the exciting updates and wishing everyone a super summer!  I realized the only two serious relationships I had with guys involved them both taking my money/stuff or leaving me with debts they owed towards totalling many, many thousands , so I'm okay to stay on my own forever raising great kids or if I ever do get married then I'm going to be sure it is with a very generous man!!! Of course, there is not a single thing I need to get help with buying as there is nothing I want (and I got my own future engagement/wedding ring, which if I don't marry it is fine as I wear it as a faith ring) other than I want to in the future finish paying off my mortgage to own a simple home -- yes, when homes were around half a million on average in my city, I was able to get one for tens if thousands under $400,000 (so I do like a bargain and living in a home with a main level of around 600 square feet has heaps of windows and perks and with the open plan it  feels like a mansion for me the amazing kids I'm raising & adore)!  Things keep getting better and so much to be thankful for!!! We remember all the kindness that so many keep showing us and thank you!

Smiles, breathe, thanks for all the kindness everywhere, and have a great day! :)